September 29, 2009

President Obama to travel to Copenhagen

So the President has changed his mind and will now be going to Copenhagen to help Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Games. The question here is, what if he sees support waning for Chicago? I have to believe that Rio might have the upper hand right now - it has tremendous support from its residents and many world leaders. Plus, the lure of bringing the Olympics to South America for the first time is huge.

If he sees Chicago losing support and realizes it's not going to happen, will he throw his support behind Ely and try to bring the Games to the US regardless of location? Or will he fight to the end, even if it's a losing cause?

As I recall, Minnesota went pretty strongly for Obama in 2008. He might want to keep that in mind. Of course, having our Governor out there speaking ill of the President doesn't help our cause, but Pawlenty has never come out strongly in support of our effort and he clearly isn't a Range guy, so we have to hope Obama looks past that and can buy into our vision of the first in-ground Olympic Stadium, the first Olympic Village Tent City and all that when his beloved Chicago starts to bite the dust.

The decision comes early Friday morning - this week! - keep your fingers crossed.


  1. How much is it costing the US tax payers to have the president go to Copenhagen, Secret Service advance Teams and Main Detail /Plane Fuel/pilots/cars and Fuel/helicopters and fuel/accommodations for him and his wife/meals/planning by the state Dept.And by the way it's only a 6hr trip. Then he back to Washington. And then you have daley who says no tax dollars will be used. Well tomorrow there is a big party in Daley Center... Who is doing all the work for that. Streets and Sanitation most likely. City Electrical Dept. and then who cleans it up afterward the same depts most likely. Then the big day comes and Daley says we need to protect the athletes so more cops on over time. and when its over who will clean up everything. Yep Streets and Sanitation. The ones who believe daley are the ones who elected him. There is way to much TAX DOLLARS going out for this. Let some other country have it and lets get our people back to work. And for the ones who say this will put people to work who are out of work. How long does the Olympics last. That's how long they will have their jobs. I was born and bread on the Southside A true Irishman. I.m glad I moved to the suburbs! I want have to deal with all the street closure and security checkpoints to get into the city. And oh yah Ill.s Govenor is there to How much did Ill tax payer pay for him to go?

  2. I think Governer Pawlenty ruined our chances to have Ely be the host.

    Also..I dont see alot of your average Joe's up here really thinking twice if the Olympics came here,or not.

    Local business owners are the ones who really get excited about the possibilty of it.

    It would be a nightmare for the residents in my opinion.