October 2, 2009

Rio wins the Olympic bid. Ely loses in first or final round - no one's talking.

Congratulations go out to Rio. We gave it our best shot, but came up short. Guess the pristine million acres of wilderness surrounding this beautiful little town will be preserved for a few more generations. I don't think anyone up here has the energy to go through this mind-boggling, heartbreaking process again!

Thanks to all of you who supported us. Please come visit us anyway. Any time of the year. There's plenty of lodging and always lots to do - as long as a few million of you don't all come at once.

Remember, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is on everyone's list of "Places You Must Visit In Your Lifetime." And the best way is through the town of Ely, Minnesota.

Thanks also to all the IOC members who voted for us in their hearts, even if that didn't translate to a finger pressing a button on a computer. You know who you are, and so do we.

All IOC members receive special discounts on lodging for the next 365 days. (Check in at the Chamber of Commerce Office - 1600 East Sheridan)

We'll try to post more after we step back, have a few beers at the Ely Steakhouse and get some well-deserved sleep.


  1. It's a conspiracy! In all seriousness, I want an Ely2016 T-shirt. It would be my most prized possession and I would be the envy of all my friends. Is there a magical place I may purchase one of these collector items? Please let me know!

  2. My Ely 2016 coffee cup is a true treasure. I can daydream about days in Ely with each sip of coffee/tea....Rio can't take that away!! Ha! I shall hug my hubby everytime he wears the Ely 2016 t-shirt! Thank you, Ely, for just being...Ely...that says it all! Can't wait 'til our July days in Ely...we have heard your call for over 30 years...the call lingers, still. I shall read my book over and over again just to feel close to our great memories and anticipations for our next visit. Maybe you would like to read THE MAGIC OF ELY...IN HAIKU, too. Check the Ely stores for it, or order one at www.BlueberryIslandPublishing.com if you are interested. Meanwhile...if you are an Ely resident...this has been great fun, and a great show of home town pride. Thank you!