September 15, 2009

Chicago residents not on board with bid. It's Ely's time.

Only 47% of Chicagoans support the city’s Olympic bid. That’s what a recent Chicago Tribune poll revealed earlier this month. That could spell trouble for Chicago’s chances in Copenhagen on October 2 when IOC officials are expected to announce their choice for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

While that may spell bad news for Chicago, it might be just the opening Ely needs to sneak in the back door and capture the crown. We don’t need a formal poll to tell us what we already know: Ely and all its residents are ready to step up and take this on. We’ve got architects lined up for the major projects. We’ve got food caterers salivating at the chance to introduce Iron Range delicacies to the rest of the world. We’ve even found enough ping pong tables and paddles in peoples’ basements to provide our spectacular table tennis facility (admittedly, still on the drawing board) with all the equipment the world’s top players could ever need – not to mention a few Ely teens who think they could push some of these heavily trained Chinese players to the limit. (Have they ever played Polish Ping Pong rules, by the way?)

Yes folks, while the US would totally benefit by having the 2016 Summer Games come to Chicago – and if it happens, we’d love to host a couple of the events (dock dogs and competitive fishing are still at the top of our list) – up here in Ely we think our dark-horse status just got a bit brighter.

What is it with those Chicago residents anyway? Where’s their civic pride? That’s one thing we don’t lack up here on the edge of the Boundary Waters!


  1. How much is it costing the US tax payers to have the president go to Copenhagen, Secret Service advance Teams and Main Detail /Plane Fuel/pilots/cars and Fuel/helicopters and fuel/accommodations for him and his wife/meals/planning by the state Dept.And by the way it's only a 6hr trip. Then he back to Washington. And then you have daley who says no tax dollars will be used. Well tomorrow there is a big party in Daley Center... Who is doing all the work for that. Streets and Sanitation most likely. City Electrical Dept. and then who cleans it up afterward the same depts most likely. Then the big day comes and Daley says we need to protect the athletes so more cops on over time. and when its over who will clean up everything. Yep Streets and Sanitation. The ones who believe daley are the ones who elected him. There is way to much TAX DOLLARS going out for this. Let some other country have it and lets get our people back to work. And for the ones who say this will put people to work who are out of work. How long does the Olympics last. That's how long they will have their jobs. I was born and bread on the Southside A true Irishman. I.m glad I moved to the suburbs! I want have to deal with all the street closure and security checkpoints to get into the city. And oh yah Ill.s Govenor is there to How much did Ill tax payer pay for him to go?

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