September 1, 2009

Let’s Send Tokyo Packing

A recent study done by German consulting agency Sport+Markt concluded that Tokyo 2016 has the least amount of public support.  Only 72 percent of the citizens questioned felt that Tokyo’s bid was “good or very good”.  Leading the pack was Madrid, with 93 percent of Spaniards backing the bid.  Chicago and Rio were closely behind. 

Now we know you’re probably thinking, but what about Ely?  Why was their public support not measured?  The answer is simple.  It would look terrible for little ‘ol Ely to have more public support than one of the big dogs.  The IOC would be faced with answering the dreaded question they have been avoiding for so long, “Why NOT pay attention to Ely 2016?”

If we were the IOC we would toss out Tokyo and seriously consider Ely. Then again we may be slightly biased.

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