June 1, 2009

Okay, Okay Chicago We Get It!

How much more support does the Windy City need? As if Oprah and Obama weren’t enough, now Michael “His Airness” Jordan has joined the march in bringing the 2016 Olympic games to Chicago.  It’s time we step up our game and get some representation from Minnesotans!  We’ve compiled a list of our top five ‘celebra-sotans’ and need your help in selecting the person you think could make an inspiring, persuasive pitch to bring the Olympic games to Ely (we are quickly running out of time as the final decision is less than 130 days away).

And the nominees are (in our best award show tone):

Kent Hrbek: Although he prefers Ely in the winter when he can enjoy long days on the dog sledding trails, baseball great and avid outdoorsman Kent Hrbek could certainly speak to the beauty of Ely and it’s surroundings. 

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura:  Sure his pitch may come off more like a circus act but the man does have a following.

Joe Mauer:  In the midst of a monster-sized season the hometown favorite has clout among the sports world! 

Prince:  Born and raised in Minnesota, Prince reaches an incredible number of people with his music and love of spandex.  The opening ceremony would be unforgettable!

Jessica Biel:  Born in Ely, Biel can share her heart-warming memories of the great town of Ely.  If her buzz is as big as her role in the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we’d be flying high!  Maybe Justin Timberlake would even tag along!

Cast your vote now!

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