June 11, 2009

Dock Dogs Didn’t Make the Cut for 2016

In an attempt to include man’s best friend in on some Olympic glory, we threw out the idea of adding Dock Dogs as an Olympic sport in 2016.  In Ely, we are already accustomed to hosting competitions for our furry, four legged friends, but it seems the International Olympic Committee feels different.  Below are the seven sports still in the running for two open spots in the 2016 Olympics.  We’re not sure any of these could provide the excitement Michael Phelps did in 2008, but who are we to say! What’s your top pick?

Baseball: An Olympic sport for more than 100 years, Baseball was cut for the upcoming 2012 Olympics.  More than 16 nations and countless dope dealers have taken part in Olympic baseball competition over the years.  Maybe by 2016, players will finally figure out you can’t hide steroid use forever!

Golf: Backed by some big names, including Tiger Woods, Golf draws a large, worldwide audience and following.  Having only been in the Olympics twice in 1900 and 1904, it may be time to give the nice guys a chance for gold!

Karate: We think the majority of us agree there are enough martial arts events in the Olympics, although you may not know that because nobody watches them.

Rugby Sevens:  Like the standard version of Rugby, only seven players on each side.  A fast-paced, nose to the grindstone, type of game, Rugby Sevens draws large crowds on the international level.

Softball:  Typically dominated by the US, softball was cut along side baseball for the 2012 Olympics.  We think they should be a package deal, vote baseball get softball for free.

Roller Sports: May draw a younger crowd to the Olympics but isn’t this what the X-Games are for?

Squash:  Ok, we admit we had to Google this one.  Who knew those little, funny-shaped pumpkins that we paint in the Fall share their name with a sport?  Turns out Squash is basically Racquetball with a smaller ball and racquet (and they would expect people to tune in and watch that?)


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