June 17, 2009

106 days and counting . . .

With the final decision less then 4 months away, it’s about time we reflect on our efforts over the last two months.  What have we done, what needs to still be done?  So many unanswered questions and of course, bidding for the Olympics doesn’t come with a users manual.

What we know:
1.     We’ve got a location for the Olympic Stadium.  Although many aren’t happy about Miner’s Lake being drained, it’s the perfect location and we’ve promised to refill the lake when the Olympics are finished.
2.     Jim Brandenburg was named the official Olympic photographer for 2016.  A photographer with National Geographic for more than 30 years, Jim has an eye for action and calls Ely home.  www.jimbrandenburg.com
3.     New housing will be needed, and a record number of Olympic spectators WILL find a love for camping and the great outdoors.
4.     After a vote, we decided a complete international airport was unnecessary.  Instead we will add two large landing strips that will be used for athletes only.  All others will fly into Minneapolis or Duluth and take our official Ely 2016 shuttles.
5.     We will ask Jessica Biel to be our celebrity spokesperson.  We’re requesting she bring Justin Timberlake (and the rest of N’Sync) for an N’Sync reunion at opening ceremonies . . . what better way to captivate spectators worldwide!
6.    Plan to host swimming and diving in Shagawa Lake, utilizing natural resources!  We wonder if Michael Phelps can out swim a bass?
7.     Hosting the Olympics is spendy. We do have private donations lined up and are planning several meat raffles in the upcoming months.
8.    You can already purchase official Ely 2016 shirts at www.zzapps.com

What we don’t know:
1.     Will all this hard work pay off?
2.    What will the official mascot of Ely 2016 be? Submit your ideas before July 1 and you could win $500!
3.     Where to build the Olympic Village and other sport venues.
4.     What foods we will offer.  We are awaiting the end of the MN State Fair before we decide this one.  Should we introduce the world to peach-glazed pig cheeks?

Looks like we are on the right path, we will continue to update on all of our progress.  Thanks for the support so far!

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