June 8, 2009

And the Winner is . . . Jessica Biel

After a weeklong poll, Ely 2016 followers and lovers alike voted Jessica Biel as the ‘celebra-sotan’ to best represent Ely in its quest for the Olympics.  We’re not sure the last time Biel has visited her birthplace of Ely, but how could she turn down the chance to represent such a wonderful location!

Surely, with her childhood stories she can reach out and show the world all the beauty that Ely has to offer.  Swimming in the pristine lakes, canoeing in the untouched acres of the Boundary Waters, snuggling up to a cozy campfire, the millions that would flock to Ely in 2016 would not be let down.  Now, we just need to figure out how to reach her?  How to make her see this is the best use of her time and efforts?  Here’s to hoping (please, raise your glass) that she reads our blog, or begins to follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

I know the next question on everyone’s mind is . . . what about Justin Timberlake?  We like to think he’ll tag along, ya’ know, like a package deal!  We plan on a JT performance during the opening ceremonies, as long as he promises NOT to expose anyone’s breasts.  Who knows, maybe he can persuade JC, Joey, Chris and Lance to join him.  We can’t think of anything that would captivate a worldwide audience, more than an N’Sync reunion (especially during opening ceremonies)!

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