August 11, 2009

USOC focused on Chicago 2016

The Associated Press recently reported that the United States Olympic Committee is solely focused on supporting the Chicago 2016 bid.  Stephanie Streeter, CEO of the USOC, released the statement on Monday after reports surfaced that Pittsburgh may explore a bid for 2020. 

Streeter mentioned she didn’t want the reports of other U.S. cities and Olympic bids to obscure the focus of the USOC and Chicago 2016.  Besides Pittsburg 2020, rumors have surfaced that Denver and Reno are possibilities for 2018 Winter Games.

“We don’t quite understand how Ms. Streeter and her team at the USOC aren’t focused on the Ely 2016 bid,” stated Olympic Committee member Tony Zeunik.  “I mean clearly we are in the hunt to host the 2016 Games. If they (USOC) want to put their eggs in Chicago’s basket, that’s great, but I think they’ll be sadly mistaken.”

Zeunik and fellow Ely 2016 Olympic Committee member, Jason Peltala are gearing up for an early trip to Copenhagen in an effort to persuade the IOC.  When asked why they weren’t traveling closer to the Oct. 2 decision date, the answer was simple.  They didn’t want to miss the autumn season in Ely.  (They claims it’s the best time to visit!)

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