July 16, 2009

Our Chicago Fans

Over the last couple of months our Olympic committee has received several messages through email and phone from our lovely friends down in Chicago.  Not to tell us to “give it up” or “throw in the towel” but to show their support for Ely.  In fact, hundreds of city clickers have even made the trip from Chicago to Ely and shown their support in-person.  We were apprehensive at first, after all it is a bit like sleeping with the enemy.  After we realized they were in town to enjoy the adventures that come along with Ely and NOT to sabotage our Olympic bid, we became flattered.

Recently, a man from Chicago stopped by our office and shared with us his love for Ely and the Boundary Waters.  He went on to tell us about an organization that formed for the sole purpose of persuading Chicagoans not to support the Olympic bid, No Games Chicago.  They’ve even gone as far as delivering the No Games Chicago “Book of Evidence” directly to the IOC.  The Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization recently joined the group citing Chicago’s "long history of being unable to contain special projects costs" and the violation of the "initial promise that ‘not a dime' of taxpayer money would be used".

Our residents couldn’t be happier about our bid to host 2016.  Every window, lawn and storefront in town is showing support.  Maybe the committee members of No Games Chicago should wander up here and take a peek at what it means to be supportive to their hometown.   Of course, there is always a chance that like many, once they’re in Ely they won’t want to leave.

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