July 7, 2009

No "Love" for Ely?

After a win at Wimbledon this weekend, Serena Williams said in an interview, “I am praying that they (Chicago) get the Olympics because I think it would be really special to play there.”  Serena goes on to say she hopes she will be around for the 2016 Olympics so she can add an Olympic singles title to her list of life accomplishments.

Ok, now we understand that when two incredible US cities (Ely of course being more incredible) are vying for the same honor, most folks are going to pick a side.  But couldn’t Serena have offered just a smidgen of support for Ely? I mean all we’re asking for is a mention!  Maybe we should extend our “Minnesota nice” hand to her, and offer her a relaxing stay at one of our pristine resorts.  Perhaps after she experiences Ely, she’ll understand why we’re the best choice for 2016.

Until then, we’ll be pulling for Venus. 

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