May 28, 2009

Draining of Lake Could Provide Jobs to Thousands

After hours of experimenting and countless calculations we may not be able to drain Miner’s Lake in the fashion we were originally hoping (with 8 gallon buckets and a lot of hard work).  Water Resource students from Vermillion Community College estimated the lake to hold approximately 8 trillion gallons of water!  At our original proposal of 10 buckets every 30 seconds, this would require more than 30 million days working around the clock.  Obviously not an option since we need to be done by 2016.  

This is where we call upon Phase Two of the President Obama Economic Stimulus Plan.  If our planning committee can convince President Obama to support our quest to bring the 2016 Olympics to Ely, we could employee thousands of “Bucket Haulers” for the next seven years.  Certainly this would help to boost the economy and lower the unemployment rate.  It’s a win-win for all, the work on Miner’s Lake begins, it employs thousands, fuels Obama’s stimulus package and brings people from all around the country to the fabulous town of Ely (prior to the start of the Olympics, of course).  With festivals, activities and fishing galore throughout the summer, laborers would enjoy all the great things Ely has to offer.

We understand it may be a stretch for Obama to support our efforts up in Ely, but we deserve the love that Chicago has received!   

Position Description: Bucket Haulers (Crew Members and Crew Leaders)

Benefits and salary: free coffee, discounted work apparel, government health benefits, Crew Members $9.00 / hour, Crew Leaders $10.25

Hours:  multiple shifts available with option for overtime

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Support overall efforts to complete the 2016 Olympic Stadium
  • Must work quickly and be able to stand, walk and bend for hours at a time
  • Ability to carry 50 lbs. comfortably
  • Must be comfortable around water, swimming experience beneficial
  • Crew Leaders will be responsible for 10 members and ensure all work is staying on pace


  • Must be 16 years of age
  • Desire to live in Ely area for up to seven years
  • A git-r-done mentality is crucial

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