May 4, 2009

Official Ely Olympic Photographer named

Famed outdoor photographer Jim Brandenburg has been named the official photographer of the Ely 2016 Olympics, should Ely succeed in its efforts to secure the rights to host the Games. (And why wouldn't we?) Jim's bio on his blog reads as follows: "Jim Brandenburg traveled the globe as a photographer with National Geographic Magazine for over 30 years. His photographs have won a multitude of national and international awards including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Jim was twice named NPPA's Magazine Photographer of the Year."

(There's a much longer bio on his website that talks about all the other career highlights, awards, books and movies he's been involved with. If the photography world gave out gold medals, he'd be a Michael Phelps type of guy - without that whole bong incident, of course.)

Now, you might we wondering why a photographer that specializes in wildlife and the outdoors would be selected as an Olympic photographer. To which we say, would you expect anything different from Ely? We like to go against the grain. Zig where others zag. One photo of an athlete straining to cross the finish line or leaping into the air is pretty much like another EXCEPT when it's in Ely and there's something really cool in the background. Like, maybe a bull moose or a 16-foot Kevlar canoe or a spectacular sunset. That's when you want a guy like Jim Brandenburg behind the camera, not some guy from the Associated Press.

Jim lives in Ely and displays his work in the Brandenburg Gallery right here in town.

You can check out Jim's website and blog here:


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