April 22, 2009

Ely Olympic Stadium plans continue.

We should probably have a contest to name the new Olympic Stadium scheduled to be built inside Miners Lake - once it's drained, that is. "Squirrel's Nest" has been already suggested (a play on Beijing's "Bird's Nest.") What's your suggestion?

Once the ice is gone, we'll get the Army Corps of Engineers in there, or someone like that, to figure out the best way to drain the lake. There seems to be some concern from folks in town about where to put the water, but others think we can sell it - maybe to other states that need to cool nuclear power plants or something. Think how much money we could get for the water in a lake this size . . .

Other people have commented on the elongated shape of the lake and how it isn't the right shape for an Olympic Stadium. Of course we're not going to build a stadium that shape. The fact is, we think the area is big enough to not only hold the stadium, but also another facility like a badminton court or fencing arena or judo ring and probably a lot of parking, too.

If anyone knows a good food vendor, it's probably not too early to be thinking about what northern Minnesota delicacies should be served at the stadium. Think of the range culinary delights that we could introduce to the world. . .

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